Rear View Mirror

Latest Jeep project has been the rear view mirror. The rear view mirror is something I’ve battled with ever since getting the Jeep. It originally had a goofy white postal Jeep mirror (a PO gem) on the outside and no inside rear view mirror at all. Outside mirrors are easy to get so I replaced it and moved the goofy mirror inside as the rear view since I couldn’t find any correct rear view mirrors at the time (I couldn’t even find photos of what should have been in there!). I hated that thing the whole time I had it.

So, I searched for a long time and first came up with a cheap knock off (like JC Whitney and most other auto parts places sell). That cheap flimsy thing was awful so later I got an OEM one off ebay that had a silver piece at the end of the mounting arm that looked like it would attach to the upper rail of the windshield frame. It was for Jeeps newer than mine so the holes didn’t match and even if they had, it would have been in the way of the hood hold down strap.

I chucked that in a drawer somewhere and I can’t find it, but it doesn’t matter as it’s not of any use. Eventually got another one off ebay. It had the correct bracket (finally!) but the wrong mirror unit (probably Jeep, but for a very different model). I used that one until a week or so ago when I got one from It has the right bracket and is a NOS part. However, it looks like a later replacement for the ones that came out in the 60’s. But it’s close enough. The original ones (same bracket, slightly different mirror shape which is preferred by most) are extremely rare and hard to get.

So, I needed to mount the thing. And that turns out to be sort of a challenge. The original mirrors came with instructions to drill holes to the left of the hood hold down and mount it to the windshield frame at that spot. Luckily no one ever did that on my Jeep. I decided to use the hood hold down which is centered in the frame, and below the hold down strap (so that still works if needed).

Anyway, I went through a series of brackets and mountings. Note that the hood hold down bolts are 2″ OC, the mirror holes are 1″ OC.

Yes, I spent some money to put this together, but I figure when new tools are involved I can still use them from here on out, so the cost is somewhat amortized over time and other projects. I can always find a use for another miter blade, and I’ve needed a small drill press for ages.